Sweep And Drag All-In-One Household Floor Sweeper.


  • Works on All Hard Floors
  • Easy to Empty Built-in Dustpan
  • Convenient! No Cords, Bags or Batteries Required!
  • Lightweight – Weighs Less Than 2 Pounds & Folds for Easy Storage!
  • Edge Cleaning Technology Reaches in and Under!
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The all-new hard floor sweeper is a shapely professional hand-driven sweeper. It is a rotating spin broom with its own dustpan. It has the power to clean up any mess and works on all floors, tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl and hardwood floors! More versatile than your vacuum cleaner and will get every last bit of mess that your broom would leave behind. No cords, no bags or batteries to charge. It has triple rotating brushes, that loosens, lifts dirt and debris. It is super lightweight and great for walls or baseboards!


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