Professional Contour Concealer Makeup Palette


  • Professional makeup blender
  • Super high quality
  • Safe and soft for your facial cream
  • Adds fresh color to your face
  • Gives you hair brushed finish when applied to your face
  • Superfine surface ensures smooth and flawless application
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An extensive range of 15 multiple vibrant long-wear concealer colors with different skin tones to create more than 10,000 amazing looks. Using the most commonly applied shades ensures the best skin color match and guarantees a traceless and natural finish. Enabling layering and mixing provides total camouflage for almost any skin problem including blemishes, scars, birthmarks, and black circles.

It is also suitable to use as a bronzer. The light color is suitable for redness, acne, and so on. The medium color is perfect for dark shadows in the under-eye area. The dark color provides exceptional camouflage and adheres well to the skin Silky glossy color and high-quality ingredients together to care skin around and can last all day long. It is perfect for Professional Salon, Wedding, parties, and Home use.


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