Portable Car Tyre Inflator


  •     Material: Plastic, metal
  •     Voltage: DC12V
  •     Power supply type: 2.5m cord with cigarette lighter plug
  •     Dimension: 17.5 x 6.5 cm
  •     Comes with a pressure gauge
  •     Pump gauge: Up to 260kPa
  •     Three nozzle adaptors available (for car tyres, bike tyres, rubber floater, balls)
  •     Inflates ordinary car tires in 5 minutes (>30psi)
  •     Easy to use, store and transport.
  •     Suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable beds, balls, and more
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This machine is suitable for automotive, motorcycle, bicycle ‘s tires, inflatable Ball games and inflatables, using a wide range, inflatable fast, stable quality

On the highway, off-road trips or anywhere, when suddenly the car tire leak, can play its emergency function. Two minutes can be charged to the rated pressure tire pressure. Then you can rest assured motorists running a critical thing or driving garages to fill tires. Do not waste your valuable time

Ready to make automobile tires maintain correct tire pressure can save gasoline. But also protect the tires and ensure traffic safety. The whole interior design clever closing line to save space.Novel appearance, easy to carry and lightweight that


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