Eidechse Miracle Leather Repair Cream – Black


  • Instantly restore the color & shine of your furniture!
  • This cream can make old leather look brand new!
  • Visibly repairs worn-out leather
  • Effectively protests surface from further damage
  • Prevents cracks on leather surface
  • For cleaner, shiner leather lustre
  • Perfect for sofas, car seats, office chairs & more
  • Restore leather in minutes!
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This special Miracle Leather Repair cream is the new revolutionary way to make your leather furniture look as good as new by erasing scratches, cracks, marks, damages and without the need for any painful and expensive procedure.

This Revolutionary Hot Universal Leather Repair Tool Will make Your Precious Leather be the envy of your neighbors

As our furniture gets older, the leather starts to crack and scratch. But not anymore! With Leather Repair Cream, you can rejuvenate your leather and make it look as good as new.




The first step is to remove any waxes, oils, or silicones that may be present on the leather. Clean it first with a Cleaner like a nail remover. Allow it to dry for about 5 minutes), or use a hairdryer to blow-dry directly

Use light sandpaper to scrub the damaged leather surface to make the whole leather surface smooth and flat.

Applying the Miracle Leather repair Cream (for Heavily Cracked Leather ONLY)

Miracle Leather repair Cream is used to repair existing deep cracks. It is suitable for repairing damage such as holes, cat scratches, tears, cuts or burns, for areas that have suffered this kind of damage.

To apply the Miracle Leather repair Cream, simply take a spatula and apply a small amount to any areas of cracking on the leather. Then, carefully run the edge of the spatula over the filled area to smooth it out and remove any excess. Once all of the cracking has been filled, leave this to dry for 30 minutes or use a hairdryer to blow-dry directly, and then take some fine sandpaper and smooth the area down.


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