BioAqua Eye Care Firming Moisturizing Eye Bag Removal With Roll On.


  • After cleaning the skin, to push the wrinkles of the eyes, take an appropriate amount of eye cream against the direction of the small wrinkle applied throughout the eye.
  • Focus on pressing the corner of the temple to help the eye skin to be elastic and replenish protein.
  • Eyes closed, use ring finger pulp to flick eye skin, to improve the eye circle.
  • Palms rubbing, pressing the eye with palm temperature.
  • Improves eye skin.
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Too many times you suffer from a dark circle just below your eyes that make you look like you’ve just been beaten or look sick, you know how embarrassing that dark shade below your eye is right? This can at times make you feel less confident of yourself or make you get moody.
Worry no more because Dark Eye Circles Remover & Wrinkle Anti-puffiness Eye Essence is here to wipe-off the dark circle off from your face and make you look just like your natural self with no dark shade
Effect: Improve eye skin, remove the puffiness and dark circles and eye contour to improve and prevention of fine wrinkles.



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