ADS Fashion Colour Make-up Kit


  • Very vibrant colours make for perfect makeup
  • Made from great ingredients with silky shine colours, can last for all day long
  • No dye and will not form an annoying eye shadow mark
  • Perfect for both professional salon or home use
  • Easy to remove by mix up remover
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ADS Eyeshadow is a wonderful 24 colours palette and eyeshadows preferred for party makeup and casual. It contains 8 colours lipstick which makes your lip more colourful and beautiful
It is also portable and convenient to use
It is made up of high-quality ingredients with silky shine colour, which can last for all day long.
No dye used and will not form an annoying eyeshadow mark
Glossy colour and nourish ingredients together to care eye skin around
It is perfect for both professional salon or personal use
It is light and soft, easily creating clear and brilliant eye makeup
It comes with 3 layers of easy-to-carry design. The first layer comprises of an eyeshadow, second layer lipstick and makeup puff, brush pen while the third layer comprises makeup powder.


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