Freelance Authors – How To Make Money On Time Every Time

iStock ImageUtilize Social Media. Many of my new clients tell me they don’t have time for social media. The truth is, only 15-20 minutes a day will provide you all the time you need to be an effective social media networker. Each day invite 5 targeted people. Yes, I said 5 everyday to consistency brings effective results. Each day post a couple of times, add some valuable information, provide a link to your last blog or article, post a quote or a comment and interact with a few people by commenting on their walls.

Go on campus. Your local college or university campus is very likely brimming with talent. And best of all, it may be relatively cheap talent. You can place an ad in the school newspaper as well as place flyers on the bulletin boards of the appropriate departments.

EBay is an auction site that also allows you to create your own store from which you can sell your items. This site works best for rare items like classic collectibles, sports memorabilia and things that are hard to find in general. That’s because of the auction function.

invoice maker He was a neatly dressed elderly man. I walked up to him and introduced myself. I told him that I had a busy schedule, but I could do a quick measurement of the flue and I would see if I had one on the truck. He said, “Knock yourself out”. I brought the ladder to the chimney, hoisted it up and flew up it. As luck would have it, you guessed it; it was the same size as the one I just installed!

free invoice maker Make sure your website’s domain name says something. Having an acronym as your website address may mean a lot to you, but your prospective customers may have a hard time remembering (the right order of) all those letters.

Dealing with customers through an online image editing business calls for good customer service and courtesy as much if not more than a brick and mortar business. Where you often will not deal with clients face to face, you will need to make sure you show courtesy through emails and phone calls every time. Take time to send birthday cards or emails. If you have the budget and a large client send a gift. Make sure your invoice includes a line thanking the customer for their business. There are many ways to say thank you and with a little creativity you can find the perfect way that suits your business.

invoice maker app A good, positive attitude attracts clients. Clients do not want to work with professionals; they want to work with professionals that project a positive attitude. Just as we avoid colleagues that are unpleasant to be around, so do clients avoid contracting professionals that do not project the right attitude.

An early check of email and faxes showed just the regular stuff, with some junk mail thrown in, of course. I checked my voicemail and learned that I had to include another stop to pick up a raccoon that was caught that night. With 10 stops on the books, it was going to be a very busy day! I re-checked my schedule to figure out where to fit in this raccoon catch and penciled it in.

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