AR Drone Elements


• Parrot Central Cross – The central construction of the AR Drone manufactured from a PA sixty six high grade plastic, four carbon fiber tubes and four PA sixty six plastic motor mount. The central cross comprises two sire beams. One to deliver energy to the engines and one to manage the motors. • Parrot Gears and Shafts – Obviously, these components are used to link the motors to the propellers. • Parrot Propellers – These are designed particularly for the AR Drone f0r more environment friendly and optimized energy consumption. Whenever you purchase spare propellers, you’re going to get two sets of two propellers that are meant to spin in reverse directions. Two of the propellers are marked as “C” for clockwise; the opposite two are marked as “A” for anti-clockwise. • Parrot Outside Hull – The out of doors hull is made from EPP or Expanded Polupropylene, a light but sturdy materials.

Though no causalities have been announced yet, most of the island is either flooded, or covered in debris preventing any critical search and rescue. Many individuals are doubtless in shelters however are unable to communicate with the skin world. Meanwhile, only 5 of the 10 shelters on the island site ( are still operational.

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